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What’s Your Candy Personality?

Are you sweet as candy? Take our Halloween Candy Personality quiz to find out! Plus, get expert tricks to scare the Mouth Monsters away for healthy, happy smiles all year long.


What's your Halloween costume style?

What's your favorite Halloween activity?

What's your favorite Halloween treat?

Which of the following do you find most frightening?

When is your bedtime?

What's Your Candy Personality?

What can we say…everybody loves you! You’re a classic, go-to friend who makes the world a better place. Even your dark side is delicious. What’s better, dark chocolate’s antioxidants can make it tough for bacteria and Mouth Monsters to stick to teeth, helping prevent infections and tooth decay.

You’re refined, elegant and sure know how to dazzle a crowd! A dependable friend, you stick by your pals through thick and thin. But chewy caramels also stick…to the grooves and crevices of teeth! This can lead to tooth decay. If a toothbrush isn’t available after enjoying the treat, munch on a crunchy carrot stick to dislodge and scare away those pesky Mouth Monsters!
Hard Candy

Vibrant and full of color, you bring joy and excitement to every occasion. Your lively presence is felt all over as you leave traces of sweetness everywhere you go! But similarly, hard candies leave a sugary residue on teeth – the perfect hideout for Mouth Monsters! A good swap: hard candies made with xylitol, a sugar substitute that makes it hard for plaque to form. When in doubt, drink a glass of tap water to help wash the Mouth Monsters away.

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