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Can You Help Henry and Zoey Escape the Curse of the Dark Tooth?

Friday the 13th can be a very frightening day! Black cats running across streets, the feel of ghosts around and most frightening of all…the curse of the Dark Tooth! The curse of the Dark Tooth only comes out when little girls and boys don’t take proper care of their teeth! Eating lots of gummy candy, drinking soda often and not brushing and flossing, bring him and his friends the Mouth Monsters out of their cave and inside those pearly whites.

Henry and Zoey’s little teeth need your help to escape the Dark Tooth! They’re both in a rush to make it through the maze to grab their toothbrush and floss to break the long lived curse. Hurry though, the Dark Tooth and his friends are fast and once they get close, it can be hard to stop them!

Start the race by printing out the mazes here.  

Best of Luck! You may need it!